It's fun to photograph animals! Not only are they always challenging but trying to photograph them in a unique way can be over-whelming. Having been a wildlife photographer for over twenty years, I decided to have some fun one day when I noticed this sad-looking leaf looking up at me while visiting the rainforest in Borneo.
From then on I decided to be on the lookout for what I call my IMAGES IN NATURE and, hopefully, you will be able to see what I see!!


Faces, faces all around.
Not one of them making a sound.


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A stag on a tree.
This certainly can't be.


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A dinosaur in the hippo pool.
Now isn't that cool!



This owl in the tree doesn't give a hoot.
But the real one is awfully cute.



This wooden dragon caught my eye.
While the real dragon walked on by.


Eye to eye with this warthog at waters edge.


Do you see this "Turtle Rock"?


Here's one for you to try.
See if you can identify!


And finally I hope you see.
A Wooden Woodpecker perched on a tree!!

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