Have you ever wondered what the animals do in the zoo when the temperature dips below 22?

On a visit to the Denver Zoo in early December, I was about to find out! Snow had blanketed the area from a storm several days earlier. Normally winter temps in Denver can range into the fifties but this morning as we left for the zoo, it was 7 degrees with the promise of 38 degrees later in the day! Our visit coincided with the coldest weather to hit Denver in many years!

Not surprisingly, I had the whole zoo to myself. Not many people were foolish enough to venture out in such cold weather but it turned out to be the best visit ever!!

I learned that the animals had an indoor habitat where they could retreat to if the weather got really bad and that it was their choice to do so. I was surprised to see so many animals out and they seemed not to be bothered by the cold at all.

CLICK HERE to see some of the lovely images I captured that day.


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