Winter Zoo
The Siberian Tiger was impressive! A superb animal weighing some 900 lbs. Found in Northern Siberia, this beautiful cat was right at home in the winter weather!
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This Arctic Fox stopped just long enough to capture this pose. As in the wild, they are very skittish and are constantly on the move.
Passing the elephant enclosure, I noticed this pachyderm was hesitant to step outside. He extended his trunk to sample the snow and it seemed he was trying to decide whether to venture out. He decided to stay in. I can't say I blamed him. The temperature had risen to 26!!
Lions in the snow! These magnificent animals were posing nicely and were not concerned about the snow and cold!!

Camels in the snow! An amazing sight! Zebras too!

The Giraffes were in their inside habitat called the "Giraffe House" and it turned out to be the perfect spot for us to warm up as well!

Next stop... Polar Bear Habitat! The Polar Bears were in their element. Perfect weather for romping!! They captivated me for over an hour with their antics! Mother bear was magnificent. Her coat perfectly white and along with her two one year old cubs, provided the entertainment for over an hour.

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This sign said it all... See you in the Spring!!

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